How To Style A Console Table Under TV

How To Style A Console Table Under TV

Console tables are a great addition to any room. They can be used for decorative purposes or as a place to put your television. There are a number of ways to style a console table under a TV. You can choose to have it stand on its own or use it as part of a set. Here are some tips to help you choose the right style for your home.

1.Add A Gallery Wall Art

Adding gallery wall art to your living room is a great way to add personality and energy to the space. There are many different ways to style a console table under the TV, so find one that works best for you. Here are some tips:

1. Choose a theme or colour scheme that you love. You can go with traditional art styles, like Abstract Expressionism or impressionist landscapes, or try something more modern and contemporary, like graffiti or abstract geometric designs. The key is to find an aesthetic you can get behind and want to display in your home. 

2. Choose pieces that fit the overall style of your living room. If your living room is colourful and cheerful, go with colourful pieces like flowers or candy wrappers. If your room is more subdued, go with calming colours like Ivory or Beige.

2.Start With A Gothic Living Style

If you want to create a gothic living room that is both stylish and functional, start by considering the furniture. Choose pieces with ornate details and dark fabrics to create an atmosphere of oppression and secrecy. Opt for dramatic wall art and choose the flooring that will dampen sound as you move about your space. If you’re looking for additional touches of darkness, consider adding a few eerie accessories like spider webs or coffin lids.

3.Keep It Simple Colour And Style

Console tables are a great way to add style and colour to your living room. But how do you style one for under your TV? Keep it simple with a few key colours and styles. 

For the base of the table, use a neutral colour like white or black. For the middle layer, choose something colourful like green or red. And for the top layer, go with something light like ivory or beige. You can also add patterning by using stripes, checks, or polka dots. 

To finish off your console table styling, add some extra pieces of furniture around it like chairs, ottomans, or plants. This will help to balance out the bright colours and create a more cohesive look in your living room.

4.Choose The Right Scale

When deciding how large or small to make your console table, it is important to choose the right scale. There are three main scales: miniature, standard, and grand. Miniature scale is best for smaller tables that will be close to a TV; standard scale is best for larger tables that will be further away from the TV; and grand scale is ideal for very large tables that will take up most of a room.

5.Add Height To Use Tall Objects

Adding height to a console table makes it more comfortable to sit at and watch TV. You can do this by using tall objects, like plant stands or ottomans. Plant stands should be at least 2 feet high, and ottomans should be at least 3 feet high. Read More : Elegant Small Living Room Ideas

6.Use Objects With Different Textures

How to Style a Console Table Under TV:

When it comes to styling a console table under your TV, you have two options: use objects with different textures, or mix and match. Textures can add personality and interest to the space, while also providing a layer of protection against scratches and dings.  Here are some ideas for using different textures in your console table design:

Use Hard-Shelled Objects as Coasters:  A nice option is to use hard-shelled objects like coasters as votive holders or place mats. These will add some texture and visual interest without taking up too much space. You can also stack several coasters on top of each other for an interesting look.

7.Consider The TV Size With The Console Table

When considering the size of a console table for use under a television, it is important to keep in mind the dimensions of the television. Console tables are typically 50 to 60 inches wide and 24 to 30 inches deep. This means that most console tables will not fit under televisions that are less than 48 or 50 inches wide, respectively. If you have a 52-inch television, for example, you’ll need to look for a console table that is at least 62 inches wide. Likewise, if your television is more than 60 inches wide, you’ll need to look for a console table that is at least 48 inches deep. Additionally, be sure to consider the height of your television; console tables are often only 18 or 22 inches high, which may not be high enough for some televisions.

8.Add Some Layer To Decor

Adding some Layer to Decor. 

A console table is a great way to add a touch of personality to any room. With just a few simple tips, you can style your console table to match the décor in your home. 

Here are two tips for styling a console table: 

  • Choose a focal point: If your console table is by the window, choose an interesting object or piece of furniture to place on top of it. If it’s in the corner of the room, try using colourful flowers or pillows as decoration. 
  • Add texture: A well-placed rug or bench will add that extra bit of oomph to your decor. Choose one with a unique pattern or texture that coordinates well with your other pieces in the room.

9.Add A Plant Or Two

Adding a plant or two can help to style a console table under the TV. By placing a few plants in containers on the tabletop, you can add colour and life to the space. Some tips for styling a console table under the TV include adding some flowers or foliage and using uplifting colours like lime green or light blue.


If you want to style a console table under your television, follow these easy tips. Choose a sleek, simple design that will fit in with any décor. Choose a light or dark wood to best suit your needs. Finally, choose a table that is the right size for your space and needs. No matter what your style, these tips will help you create the perfect console table for your home.

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